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For your control and circuit protection requirements, we carry an extensive range of low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, all specifically designed to suit the offshore and marine climate. When you demand the highest levels of confidence in your switchgear & control gear, talk to us first.

We understand your switchgear needs

- Circuit breakers

- Contactors

- Control stations and pendants

- D.O.L Starters

- Enclosures

- Limit switches

- Moulded case circuit breakers

- Relays

Our product range includes:

Because of the importance your switchgear and control gear plays in the safety of your electrical installation, we only use the market leaders in the industry such as ABB, Merlin Gerin, Siemens, Telemecanique & Terasaki, so you can be sure that it will function perfectly, every time.

Providing switchgear that won't let you down

Protect your electrical circuitry and your people, with switchgear you can trust.

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