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When you have a spillage, whether it's water, oil or chemical spills, you need to know you have the right products to hand. We have a large range of spill containment products to ensure the safety of your staff, and to conform to the health and safety regulations of your business.

Spill containment products

- Pads

- Rolls

- Socks

- Brooms


Our absorbent range includes:

There are many situations where you will see the need for a permanent supply of absorbents. The JCH Marine spill response kits we supply meet this requirement and are complete with sufficient absorbents to cope with a spill up to the size shown.

Spill kits

Make sure you're prepared for liquid and chemical spills with absorbents and spill kits.

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Flexible decking solution for creating liquid handling workstations and storage areas to fit your working environment.

The spill pallet range is designed for the safe and compliant storage drums and liquid containers.


Decking and spill pallets

Absorbent Pads Absorbent Rolls Spill & Go socks
Absorbent booms clip top kits Bin kits Spill pallets & Workfloors